What is the scope of practice for LPN's in DD? What is the scope of practice for LPN's in DD? | allnurses

What is the scope of practice for LPN's in DD?

  1. 0 I was wandering what the scope of practice is for LPN's in the Developmental Disibility field. Can we be supervisors, do we have to be under supervision of RN, what about psyhcotropic drugs. Do we have to be Certified in Developmental Disibilities as LPN's.
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    In the Intermediant Care Facility I worked at, the LPNs could do almost the same things as a RN. Except for telephone orders, administer IM, and could not be supervisors. The LPNs were not under the supervison of an RN and you do not need to be certified. This is in Pennsylvania.
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    In Illinois you do not need to be certified. I work as a consultant RN with CILA's and 16 bed ICF\ DD homes. Our LPN's work most in the CILA homes. They can do everything I can do, except med train and take call unless they have an RN back up.
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    The ICF/MR regulations regard a profesional nurse as either an LPN or RN and state that an RN must be available for consult. That can be by telephone. In Florida, the Nurst Practice Act speaks to the level of supervision for nurses. LPN's must work under a R.N. or a licensed medical practiotioner, M.D., D.O., DDS.
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    I believe that your scope of practice in any given state depends on the scope of practice outlined in your nurse practice act/nursing regulations specific to your state. A speciality field cannot override your licensure.

    Certification is completley voluntary---most nurses that I know in this field (RN's and LPN's) are not certified.
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    Regarding the person who worked in the ICF/MR in PA, did he LPN's there do assessments (i.e., fall risk, braden, self med assessments, Osteoprosis risk, Health Profiles for ISP's)?