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Okay, the state of Tennessee has just passed a law granting properly trained staff permission to pass medications. I know there are plenty of other states out there that have been doing this for... Read More

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    In Indiana I had to go to Indianapolis to be trained on how to teach Medcore. Here, only Nurses are allowed to teach Medcore, and like I said, we have to be trained, and have a huge book we have to by and all that.
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    Hello all,
    I am currently in the CNA program at CCRI, when I finish I would like to take a certifcate course to be able to dispense pill,does anyone know where I would go or where I should start? I plan on doing home care when I finsh.
    Thank you in advance
    Pamela C
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    Actually Pam, you can go right through CCRI for the Med Tech training. You have to be a CNA first. I don't believe though, that Med Techs are used in home care. Do you plan to do per diem's at a long term care facility. That is where most Med Techs are working in RI I believe.
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    I did ask the instructor about the one at CCRI and she said it was for nurses. As it was a credit course.
    That I should contact the Dept of Health.
    I do now work in the home health(home maker) more or less, no personal care for the one that I work for everyday, and it would be better for me to fill there meds container that have them guess if they are putting the right ones it>
    A RN was coming in to fill it every week, but the client said that he could do it and did not need her.
    I am getting confused.
    I was thinks of maybe doing some per diem in a nsg home or assisted living, if things work out.
    Thanks for you input, much appreciated
    Pamela C
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    Hi Pam,

    My niece went through the Med Tech course at CCRI in Warwick. Its possible that registration is through the Dept of Health but the classes are held somewhere else. My understanding is that, as a Med Tech, you still need to be supervised by an RN with evaluations done periodically. Keep me informed as to how you make out--I'm always interested in these this field!
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    Hi, I am in the CNA program and hope to finish in December. The next step I would like to do is Medication Administration (pills)
    Do you happen to know if I have to be a CNA to take the course?
    I live in Smithfield, RI and am willing to travel, to get this under my belt. I am presently working in the home health care field.
    Any suggestion would be most welcomed
    Thanks in advance
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    Hi Pam,

    Yes, you do have to be a CNA first. My niece did it wile she was waiting to get into CCRI's nursing program.

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    I just found a place in Mendon, Ma. Emerson Training School.
    They have a MAP- Medication Administration Program . It is a 18 hour course, $300.00 no pre-req. Certification exam done by the American Red Cross of Massachusetts Bay.
    Thanks for information.
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    Hi Pam,

    MAP ceritification won't allow you to work in RI. I am a MAP instructor through the American Red Cross. It's a nice entry level step for direct support professionals but does "go against" a RI CNA license, as the CNA license states that you won't administer medications unless its through an approved training program. MAP is more designed for staff that work in group homes.

    I'm in Nh right now, but when I get back to RI next week I'll call some friends and get you more information about Med Tech training. Are you interested in working in RI or Mass? Similar to CNA and nursing licenses, I don't believe the states recognize licenses from another state.
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    That would be great information. Thanks
    Right now, I work in MA, for a home health care company, but when the CNA training is done and I am certified, I would like to work in a assisted living or nursing home, to put my new learned skills to work, per diem or weekends in RI. I work Monday - Friday for the home care company, for a gentleman (89), 5 days a week, I do not do any personal care as he does not need that yet, I do plan on staying with the company as I am attached to the guy (2yrs). Of course that could change at anytime, He is in the early stages of Parkinsons'. I could even change my schedule and do one weekday in a nursing home and then one weekend day.
    Thank you, again for your assistance.
    Thanks again
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    Just checking to see if you have found out any information
    Boy the stress of this CNA program with a Quiz every 2 weeks, and if you don't get a 75, your out. Lots of information in such a short period of time, doing well so far, all I do is study and work and break out with canker sores (stress related)
    Thanks for your input

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