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  1. Good day everyone! I've read this from learn4good.com
    Registered Nurses can gain Certification in Developmental Disabilities Nursing (CDDN). To certify you must provide documentation for 4,000 hours (2 years full-time) work in a developmental disabilities nursing practice. These hours must have been completed within the last five years. You must then sit a written examination. Certification lasts for two years at which stage you can recertify by taking the examination again. CDDN certification is accredited by the Developmental Disabilities Nurses Association (DDNA)."

    It is almost two years I am working in a facility for the Developmentally disabled here in the middle east. I just want to ask if certification applies only to RNs in the USA or in UK? Is it internationally recognized? Where can I take the exam to be certified as DDN? Thanks a lot.
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  3. by   marsy
    I'm pretty sure this is only for the US. I know that in the UK you actually take classes to become a developmental disabilities nurse. However, check their website...ddna.org