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Hope somebody can help me. This is my 2nd semester at DTCC. I have a long way to go to become a RN. I don't have many classes done, but want to study & take NLN to get on the list. Is it really hard? Do you think it is possible... Read More

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    I took the NLN after my first quarter in school (after 30 years!!) The classes I had completed were the first A&P, College Algebra, and Psychology.

    I think those of us that had to do math before calculators had an advantage. The math section was heavy in decimals, fractions and percentages. It also had several factoring, solve for x, and exponent questions.

    Reading and vocabulary was not as difficult as the study guide to me. Taking the pretests helps. Read carefully, some answers are obvious, but some require thought.

    I thought I had really blown the science due to the high number of physics questions, but I did well enough to score in the 98th percentile.

    Overall, my composite was 157 and my percentile was 99, so an old lady can do it. Just read and reread the science portion of the study guide and take the pre-tests. Time yourself to set the pace for the real thing. Good luck.
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    Congratulations!! :clphnds:
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    hello all!

    is the study guide expensive?

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