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Hello from Texas!! We are a 385 bed county hospital. As of now we ,the Lab, draw all blood work. Our Director has decided to train Nurses to draw blood. I really don like this idea. I like know that my fleet of Phlebotomist do... Read More

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    Quote from ondedelta
    in italy blood drawing is completely left to nurses. it is a specific action permitted in our "professional profile" and you learn it during training,before graduate. also the IV infusions are a nurse speciality....with a ministerial law executive from december 2006 (but i can be wrong,don't remember exactly) nurses can also perform arterial drawing. sorry for my english....
    Your English was/is awesome!

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    Here is my ...I've worked in two different hospitals one a community hospital and the other Level I trauma w/ an active CABG program. In the community hospital the techs draw blood. It transitioned from the techs being on the floors as CNA(well PCT if they had the phelb training) and now many of the PCT went to the lab because the lab took over drawing all lab work in the house except for ABG which is RT job. If the pt has a line then the RN draws the blood and sends it down to lab. In the level I the night RN would draw their own AM labs including ABG's. The RN's would not draw cultures however. The day RN did not draw any blood. I enjoyed having the ability to draw my own blood because I could do it when I wanted it. Which was usually when the pt needed it. If you have to wait for a lab tech to come do it they may not get there exactly when you want to have them there. This could be multifaceted and usually nothing to do with the actual tech but more their work load. No, I do not like having additional responsibilities but at the same time when it comes down to it the nurse is usually responsible for how or why things happen during their shift. This is not saying that the techs are not valued or needed. They would still draw all lab work on the general floors which sounds like the OP's hospital has more than enough beds. Again my .
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    We (RNs) do AM labs (at 9pm), cultures, all IVs, line draws. Just not ABGs. Day nurses sometimes do blood draws during the day if necessary, but even when necessary often let the lab go undrawn for hours and hours because "I figured you'd get it when you do AM labs..." even when there aren't AM labs ordered... silly goofs lol
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    RNs do all a.m. blood draws?! How on earth do they have time for that? At my hospital, RNs only do draws from PICC lines or Mediports. Phlebotomy techs do all the routine blood draws, thank goodness.

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