Unit practice councils

  1. 0 We just started having these and I'm confused. I thought they were all about best practice and improving care. Where I work they are now resposible for deceiding who will be in charge, making scheduals and basiclly how the unit is run. The hospital adminstration elimanated the Charge position having only Relief Charge nurses. This has caused a lot of back stabbing and clicks because now no-one is guiding the boat no captains , We're all the same level. I'm afraid we are going to capsize!
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    That is not what our practice council does....and it isn't meant to. We go over policy/procedure/protocol, we update as needed, we address clinical practice issues, go thru EBP and update our protocols for this, we deal with certifications, etc. We have sub-committees, such as scheduling committee who look at scheduling, etc. We have customer service, bereavment, education, preceptorship, new product, etc.

    It sounds like they are just using your practice council as a management team!
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    I agree with NicuGal. Our practice council is mainly focused on EBP, enforcing policies and procedures and brainstorming ways to improve patient and employee satisfaction. Not sure how you would go about changing the way yours runs, but I might find out what other practice councils in your facility are doing. Or better yet, find a topic you are interested in and steerl your committee in the right direction.

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