taking on a new job as an icu RN taking on a new job as an icu RN | allnurses

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taking on a new job as an icu RN

  1. 0 hi there , I have been admitted into a sponsored course for the icu in which they pay you to take an 11 week course which is a combo of clinical shifts , tutorials and at home studying. of course I am apprehensive of starting a new job.... when you first start everything at that unit is pretty different. i have been an RN for only a year and a half on a busy surgical ward while also getting experience in medical and palliative care unita. I am just wondering what some good advice is for a new nurse working in the icu would be ? how can I be the best nurse I can be while learning efficiently and balancing stress of a new work place... any thoughts ? what are your expectations of a new nurse in icu , what are the best ways to show my new team that I am there to work for and with them , what makes you gain respect in the icu unit as a new rn ? thanks for any answers