Seeking advice on discriminatory practices.....

  1. I have been a nurse in a small ICU for over 10 years. Progressively, over the years, management has become increasingly worse. We have only had one manager in the past 10 years that was a stickler for policy and procedure and treated all employees according to what the policy said. It seems the older I become, the more irritated I get about the unfair practices, playing favorites.

    Our policy states that a prn nurse and a part time nurse will work one weekend per shift. Yet, there is one part time nurse that only works 2 days per week provided she can not convince someone to take her shifts or take call, and sad to say, when she does work, it is very little work she actually does! Yet we are told we should be glad to have her. She is scheduled for a Saturday and is about to blow a gasket. The CNO came to the unit and the nurse pulled her to the side. She was heard telling her all the other managers (did I mention we now have another new manager) have worked with her about working 2 days a week, set days, and this one would need to work her this way to. No one heard the CNOs reply.

    Another nurse has not worked a holiday since last July 4th! Also, she has not worked a weekend for 2 months! She is a full time nurse. It is the same nurses that continue to have to share the weekends. She whines and cries about everything and after 2 years in the unit, she still can not function on her own as an ICU nurse.

    I am hoping the new manager will not cherry pick the policies she wishes to enforce. However, if she does and the CNO (also know as being a cherry picker) does the same thing, what recourse do we nurses who believe policies are there to be upheld and believe in fair and just treatment do??? Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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