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I had a patient recently that was supposed to go for a procedure in the morning. He was getting O2 and the setup was 4L O2 with FiO2 at 28%. He had a trach so he was receiving O2 via a T-Piece and was connected to a nebulizer. ... Read More

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    Quote from wooh
    If he was on 28%, he was on 28%, and was NOT on 4L. This is a case where the liters mean nothing. The percentage is what counts.

    Someone correct me on this, but the only time I can think of that you have both a flow rate AND percentage that both mean something, is high flow nasal cannula. But that's because the flow in that case is actually more of a pressure setting, like you'd have with BiPAP or CPAP.

    When you have a venturi or HAM or trach collar, the O2 liter setting from the wall is just what the particular equipment requires to turn it into the percentage.

    28% on a trach collar? I love to transport patients when they're that stable!
    You are right. In any case where you are utilizing a Venturi device whether it be on a trach collar or Venturi mask, the flow does not matter. You can blast 15 liters through the system, and it will only deliver the set fio2. I am a registered respiratory therapist and RN, and this is a common misconception with a lot of folks.
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    To the above...I do find some nurses don't understand 02 liters and percentages.Neither do Doctors.
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    Quote from smartnurse1982
    To the above...I do find some nurses don't understand 02 liters and percentages.Neither do Doctors.
    It is this "understanding" of O2 liters and FIO2 which appears to be causing the problems. It is best to have a working knowledge of the basic ptinciples and equipment.

    But, unless a doctor is a Pulmonologist actively involved with the eqipment you can not expect doctors to know every little piece of equipment which could be totally different next door in another unit. It doesnt help either if staff is not familiar enough to guide the physician with orders to match the equipment in their unit or floor.

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