Rapid response team nurses using I-stats

  1. I work at a large, urban hospital as a designated rapid response team nurse. It is 1/3 mile from one end of the hospital to the other . We will soon be performing I-stats as indicated on our calls. Our challenge is creating a way to carry the i-stat that both protects the machine and is also ergonomically safe. Has anyone already figured this out? The manufacturer doesn't make a carrying case. Anything on wheels wouldn't be appropriate for us,either.
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  3. by   ICUPrincessNurse
    Your I-stat must be different than mine because my immediate thought is "in your hands". Ours is not terribly much larger than our blood sugar machines, which is to say- not large at all.
  4. by   mursinary
    A medium sized gun case could easily be modified to hold an istat.

    Cut out the rough shape of it in the foam.
  5. by   PalmHarborMom
    There are also cases that are waterproof and really shock absorbent. My son uses them for his guitar pedals and they work great. An added bonus is that the foam is customizable so you can add areas for supplies. I have seen the I-Stat at my hospital and they use a very similar case to protect it.

    Here is a website that sells cases similar to what I have seen used.
    SKB iSeries GoPro Camera Case 3I0907-4-008 B&H Photo Video
  6. by   gardendigger
    Thanks for the suggestions. We will look into them. The RRT nurse here carries the RRT equipment and supplies with them the entire day as we provide many services besides RRT calls (challenging IV starts, resource calls, MEWS f/u, etc.), so hand-held will not work.