Paper on Nurse's Role in ICU

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    I'm new to the site and new to nursing. I am currently in my 5th week of an accelerated nursing program in Massachusetts and was looking for some assistance with an upcoming assignment. I have to write a paper about a nursing role and I can use an email interview as a single reference. I previously posted in ED nursing but upon further research I am having trouble finding sufficient reference topics from credible sources, so I thought to approach another vein and I was hoping that the community here might be able to assist me.

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    (Note: I'm having trouble with my PMs. So feel free to try, but you may have to use my personal email: doherty dot rhiannon at gmail dot com)

    Here are the questions:

    Who is this nurse? (This would be any personal details, to give the big picture - ex: children, hobbies, location, age)
    What setting(s) does this nurse practice in?
    What services does she/he provide to the patient?
    What does the nurse say about his/her scope of practice?
    Does the nurse utilize or refer to a particular nursing theory? If so, which one? (ex: Nightingale, Rodgers)
    Does the nurse participate in research activities? Which ones?
    Does the nurse use evidence as a basis for his/her practice? How?
    Educational Preparation/necessary certifications/. Is the nurse certified?
    How does the nurse maintain licensure and competency?
    How are CEU's obtained?

    --> Scope of Responsibility
    What are his/her job duties?
    Who might he/she supervise?
    What other health professionals does this person interact with daily?
    Does the nurse believe that she has the time necessary to provide the quality of care she desires to provide?

    --> Patient care tasks performed
    What aspects of patient care does this nurse perform herself?
    What aspects of care are delegated? To whom?
    How does the nurse feel about delegation?
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