New grad oreint needs help in MICU/PCU

  1. So as of today Im about 1 and 1/2 months into my orientation in the pcu/ step-down unit. i am a new grad with no prior expereince and i am beyond stress. The seniors have notified to me that they are concerned with the safety of my practice. Yes, i have made some errors and while i have not made the same errors again, i have made enuff for others to be concerned. at this point, i feel so insecure in my ability to succeed and to be that awesome pcu/icu nurse ive always thought id be. Im also embarrassed that my seniors do not have confidence in me...not that i can blame them. Some of the errors i made were documenting certain assessments before i did them (i fig i wld do it right after i charted), not remembering what some of the meds did, and touching the vent machine which is forbidden in the unit (i was hesitent to bag), and not counting meds from the pyxis (they were liquid meds and i din know how to count them n the preceptor i worked with just told me to click yes). i don mean to make excuses and i do admit that most of the errors i made cld have been prevented had i stop to think and use what was tght to mei n school.
    so my question to those of you who survived ur oreintation and also to those who are seasone icu/pcu nurses, what can i do different to make myself better? Ive started to look up my old notes from college to brush up on my forgotten knowledge. Just very overwhelmed and stress out to the point of crying right now. This post is dragging and im grateful you took the time to read so any advice will be great.

    Thanks!!!! (Hope tomorrow goes much better.)
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  3. by   SingingBird
    hope you are doing better now, did you end up transferring or staying?