New grad in burn icu

  1. I am a new grad in a burn ICU. It is my third week (8 shifts in total) working on the floor with my preceptor and I find myself pretty overwhelmed. My main issue is documentation....the system is different in the hospital I did all my rotations at and I am not 100% sure what exactly needs to be documented. I finally got my patient care on point in regards to time management but I feel like after the shift is done I almost always have to stay and document something. Is this normal??? Everyone on my floor is amazing and my preceptor told me I'm doing fine and reassures me that I am still learning but I cant help the feeling that she is just saying it to be nice. If anyone can give me honest advice or reassurance I would deeply appreciate it. I think my insecurities and anxiety are killing me here haha.
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  3. by   CRNA2b-2017
    I will be starting in bicu soon... congrats n good luck will let u know how I do
  4. by   jnick31
    I think that is how it is with any nursing position as a new grad, especially if you aren't familiar with the charting system. Just keep doing things the right way and the speed will come with time. I don't know any ICU nurses that will tell you that you're doing fine if you aren't.
  5. by   wannabecnl
    You ARE still learning. You will be learning for a long time. I'm 10 months into my first job (first new grad my PACU has had in a very long time), and I am constantly learning and honing and getting more adept and comfortable. Each week I notice something coming naturally that last week required me to think it through, whether documentation, programming an IV pump, drawing labs off an A-line, or navigating the paging system/process! Nursing school is designed to get you through the NCLEX--it doesn't teach you (much) about how to get through your work days as a nurse! Good luck with your new job!