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Hey Guys, I am a recent new grad, just got my license. I have applied to just about every hospital in Cali and have been rejected from them all multiple times. I am starting to lose hope of ever getting a job. It seems like... Read More

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    Quote from MeMi111
    This was at Children's of L.A. if we are discussing the same hospital. Yes, I went to the booth and they called the Nurse Manager who was open to doing a tour and we went on a tour mainly on that Nurse managers floor and I ended up working next to that floor. our nurs. She told me and my friend that they do tours all the time. Just call and ask so you are more informed and you make a connection to the people you want to connect with for the area you want to work in. I wish you the best. Don't stop if this is were you want to work you can have whatever you want.
    Thanks so much for the words of encouragement and advice!!!! I will definitely call to try and get info for a tour!!!!

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    Thanks MeMi111 for the information. Like most new grad's in CA, I've submitted so many applications online but am not getting any response or other applicants met their needs. My lack of experience (never done an externship) weeds me out from most candidates. I've even gotten certified in ACLS, PALS on top of BLS to be more marketable.

    I've decided to re-do my resume. Currently its very "New Grad RN" that focuses on my educational/clinical skills to compensate for the lack of "clinical work experience". I'd like to post it and get some feedback if possible??? Can I PM anyone?


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