Mixed ICU VS. CVCU for a new-grad???

  1. I'm going to be graduating in June and was just offered my choice in positions between the ICU and newly created CVCU. I love the heart and want to jump all over this opportunity, but when I think a little deeper I wonder if starting in a mixed ICU I might have a broader range of skills and maybe have better job security in the long run. So if you will excuse me, my brain says ICU but my heart says CVCU. Any insight that you all might have would be appreciated.
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  3. by   ICUCoOLWaTER
    Dear stephenfnielsen,

    Congratulations and now you are a real Critical Care Nurse holding responsibility being patient advocate and extra.

    My self when I join nursing I started in surgical then medical later shifted to Heamatology which we consider it in our Sultan Qaboos University hospital as Minor ICU due to the critically ill patients presents over their.

    Ultimaltely my dream came true when I joined ICU and I was awarded the Best Nurse Of the year in six months only from joining and the reason behind that was you are a experinced nurse your quality care competency in your skills will shine through and people will be intrested to work with you because they can depend on you on crisis.:angryfire

    last year I was one of the leading members in opening our 4 bed Post Cardiac surgery ICU when have done alot of successful cases so far only 2 death since we opened in March 2008 .

    Any how now I am well known Critical care Nurse in our hospital and I am BLS instructor cerified by the AHA teaching aswell wroking as a shift in charge most of the time ACLS and PALS Provider and I got it all from our mix ICU which has PICU, Medical, Surgical, orthopedic and Gyn cases. I am on the spot to become ATLS instructor and be part of the Trauma team and disaster team.
    My advise to you is to begin by the Mixed ICU first then Narrow your long term specialization to Cardiac nursing.
  4. by   stephenfnielsen
    Thanks for your thoughts. I was torn on this one for a while but went ahead with the CVU. I see your point with not being narrow to start out. I had thought about that too. I spoke with the manager of the unit a little and it looks to me like I should get some pretty good experiences.