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  1. I GOT A JOB!!!! I graduated in December and just accepted a job for a SICU position! I'm so beyond excited and totally terrified! I don't start for a couple of weeks and thought I would look in to resource books. I know there are many threads dedicated to this because I've looked through them, but most are much older. I was looking in to and was wondering if people found this useful. I just printed a section from the site and it was published in 2004. Does anyone feel this source is out of date? I've read that The ICU Book is not great for beginners? Anymore thoughts on that?

    Thank you in advance and I'm stoked to start this brand new adventure!!!
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  3. by   ktliz
    There may be a few tidbits that are outdated (meds, maybe?), but as every document on the icufaqs site states, it is not intended to be the "last word" on anything. It is a general overview of things you will encounter in the ICU, and still an excellent read for new critical care nurses.