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  1. Hi, my name is Angela. I graduated LPN school Jan. 2009 and still have not found a job. I had an interview today and was thrown really off guard by one of the questions asked. I would greatly appreciate if someone could tell me how I could have answered this question better.

    I was a Medical Receptionist at my last job and the interviewer asked me who my customers were at my last job. The only answer I could come up with was...the patients (it was a Doctor's office that I worked at), but I could not help but think to myself on the ride home...should I have answered that by saying there were no customers only patients b/c we should not consider patients as customers. Please get back to me if anyone has any input on this.

    Thank you!!!!
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  3. by   groovy jeff
    Hard to say what she was trying to get at. Perhaps she meant the socio-economic class of people or people with language barriers. Here in AZ some hospitals get a ton more Hispanic folks than other hospitals and having some experience dealing with the language barrier is a real plus.

    In the business world there are external and internal customers. Your external customers would be the folks that pay you for services, insurance companies, medicare, etc. Your internal customers are internal staff, other departments, labs, etc.

    The other thought that crossed my mind was is she trying to test your prejudices? If so, you gave the right answer.
  4. by   agelinas1
    Thank you so much. That helped clear my mind.
  5. by   caretomuch
    I know this might be a bit late for you but maybe it will help others. At the last two hospitals I have worked at "customers" are not only the patients but, families, Doctors, support staff and co-workers. The belief is that you are here to serve everyone. Hope this helps someone