Interpreting EKG Rythym Strips in PICU

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    I have been an ICU/ PICU nurse for going on 10 yrs. I was taught to always do a 6 sec strip interpretation on my patients. ICU status q 4 and IMC status q6 hr. I have recently moved to a 24 bed PICU where they do not practice this way. They have monitor techs that are " second eyes" for the picu-- but the tech is also responsible for printing out the strip, interpreting it- giving it to the nurse where the nurse will make that call to the doc. In no way am I saying that the tech is not capable of this, but where does nursing assessment take place? What is every one else doing. I would love to change this practice here as I know it is a vital part of our assessment and ongoing managmenet of our patients.

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