I got the job!

  1. 0 I finally decided to register to allnurses! I love this site. Anyway, I am very excited because I got a job offer in the ICU! I am looking forward to ordering a book or 2 on amazon that was suggested on this site and to review my notes from school. I want to provide the best care possible! I guess I'll stop with the enthusiasm now so I don't nauseate anyone coming home from a bad shift lol.

    I am going to have a lot of learning to do, but at least I'm already accustomed to working nights. I was really hoping to get this position, especially since it really does seem new and newer nurse friendly! The orientation time is excellent, as well. I really enjoy having to know everything about a patient and the critical thinking that is required by this specialty. I guess it's time to start reviewing, huh? Maybe I'll celebrate a little with the hubby tonight first I hope one day that I will get to orient new nurses to this unit, but let's not put the cart before the horse
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