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    I have ICU/CCU experience but have been a SAHM for the past 3 years. I want to work again although on a per diem basis. Just one shift a week. 10 years ago I did take a critical care course at a DC hospital. It was for 3 months with an obligatory 18 month contract. So I was thinking to take a critical care course and work through an agency or even be part of the float pool of a nearby hospital. I currently live in the DC Metro area. I did find an online course from AACN "Essentials of Critical Care Orientation" LINK and that looked really great. But it seems to be available to organizations only not to individuals. Does anyone know of any type of course I could take either online or near to me?

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  3. by   pawashrn
    talk to the icu educator at the hospital your are looking to apply at. relay your experience to them and they can help you focus your energy in the right direction.