Changing RN Roles, OR to CCU

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    I am an OR nurse with over 2 years of experience and I'm about to transition into a progressive care unit where the majority of my patients will have cardiopulmonary issues. If I can handle the environment well, then within 6 months time my manager said she would transition me over to the Cardiac ICU. She told me my orientation would be ONLY 4 weeks but more time would be granted if I felt like I needed it. I've never worked on a floor before and I'm happy I was offered the job but I'm pretty scared and very nervous. I've been out of touch with medications and some basic nursing skills for quite some time. Am I in over my head? Perhaps, but I'm certainly ready to relearn and reapply what I once used to know and then some. I'm looking for advice and recommendations on a critical care book, essentially one tailored to a novice or a new grad, because I certainly feel like one when I think about the leap I'm taking. Has anyone read Critical Care Nursing Demystified by Terry & Weaver, 2011? Thank you.
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