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I am scheduled to take the CCRN exam the 29th of March. Using Pass CCRN! and AACN review book. If anyone has used these books can u tell me if these books are any good to use for the exam? If anyone... Read More

  1. by   spydercomp
    I took the CCRN exam twice because I let the certification lapse due to lack of time. The first time I took the exam I used the live course by Cammy House-Fancher. You can sign up for her course on her website She is a very dynamic speaker and provides a great study guide for the course. The one thing I really liked about her was entertaining anecdotes sprinkled throughout the course. On my second go around I took the course with Laura Gasparis, she is also a dynamic speaker and will keep you engaged for the entire presentation. Her course at provided excellent practice exam questions. Both provided excellent quality content that you can apply to practice.

CCRN Review