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I am scheduled to take the CCRN exam the 29th of March. Using Pass CCRN! and AACN review book. If anyone has used these books can u tell me if these books are any good to use for the exam? If anyone has taken exam recently can u... Read More

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    I have a set both book and DVD's if you are still interested. My email is

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    I'm studying for CCRN, currently using PASS CCRN and Laura G CDs. BUT does anyone have any suggestions for studying hemodynamics? The site is no longer available. Also, any good podcasts out there? I have a LONG commute and like podcasts for extra learnin'.

    Many thanks for any suggestions!!
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    Mine is scheduled for March 5th!!
    I havn't touched a text book in 12 years.....soooooooo worried!!
    I've got the Pass CCRN book and dvd. Really really struggling through reading this thing. I intended to read the cardiovascular and pulmonary sections before tackling practice questions.'s incredibly detailed and I'm having a ton of difficulty making myself do this!
    SO....I got on Amazon and ordered some audio assistance with The Adult CCRN Exam Secrets.
    Maybe plowing through that will be considerably less painful than the Pass CCRN book.

    Good luck to every one else looking forward to the exam!

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