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  1. I have been working in a MICU for 6 weeks and really love it. With that being said, I'll add that I also feel overwhelmed often, and as a new grad, know that I have tons I still need to learn. My orientation is only supposed to last for 2 more weeks, but I feel like I need more time before I am safe to practice on my own. Do most people feel like they need more time or is this something to be concerned about? Please share any advice that comes to mind as well as tips with how to improve time management, critical thinking, and anything else that would be pertinent for a new ICU nurse to know.
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  3. by   Biffbradford
    They should assign you a resource as a first line go-to person when you're off orientation. Always remember, though, you are never alone so don't be shy in asking others for their input on things.