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Anyone know the website if one wanted to look at federal prisons jobs?... Read More

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    Quote from BSNinTX
    The website is ww.bop.gov

    I am a BOP nurse, and I would be glad to answer any questions I can for you.
    Hello BSNinTX, I was wondering if you had an information on the SORT team in the BOP. I wanted to know if it was possible for te SORT team to have a nurse on board. It seems like something right up my alley. Thanks. Oh, and Im rarely on this so I didnt know how to message you personally.
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    Not sure if the BOP allows this or not.

    Most of the accrediting agencies (ACA/NCCHC) do not want medical to be involved in anything punitive in nature. It has to do with them being able to trust us as medical professionals that we are looking out for their best interest related to health care needs.

    All of the prisons I work with notify medical anytime the SORT team is being activated. A nurse is on standby to deal with any injuries of officers or inmate(s) during the event.
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    The other respondent is correct in saying that ANA / NCCHC do not want medical involved in such things.

    The BOP is not the ANA or NCCHC. Most of our SORT teams include a PA or nurse. If you are interested, chances are that they would love to have you on the team.
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    you can look at federal nursing jobs in general if you go to opm.gov, then to USA jobs, type in key words and ...there you are. That site has VA jobs, research jobs, every kind of nurse job you can think of.