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I graduated in May 2011 and it took me forever to get my current job living in Colorado. I started in January 2012 and can't wait to get out of prison! I am even moving out of state to Texas (DFW)... Read More

  1. by   geekynurseRN
    I did land a med-surg internship at an acute care hospital which will also be a full-time job after i finish the internship. I expect that will help me get into L&D eventually.
  2. by   joanna_rn
    I accepted the offer for correctional nursing, but I'm also worried about transitioning back into the hospital setting. I'm a new grad, and took the job because I could not wait any longer for a job offer. I really want to do telemetry, though. Any thoughts on if I'll be able to get a telemetry position in the near future with correctional nursing experience?
  3. by   pinoysn
    I work for a hospital that accepts inmates. We usually get the fed inmates on the regular floors and state/county inmates have their own locked down correctional unit. I hate getting pulled to the correctional unit. The patients are not the problem but the staff especially the CO's! I hate when they tell me what to do. And I feel like I'm bothering them when asking to open doors. I don't have any freedom! I don't have any problem with the feds on the regular floors cause we can just walk in and out. And the fed inmates are more nice and seem more grateful (to me at least). One minor problem is (but I can tolerate) sometimes the guards tend to flirt with me. Does anyone else get that? I mean I have to admit, some of them are cute and can't resist. haha
  4. by   krf1989
    I too would like to know what future options would be if I accepted a position in correctional nursing? What have you discovered?