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  1. I am not having much luck in our competitive Dallas job market. I will graduate in December. I know there are views on both sides in regards to a new grad working in a federal prison. When it comes down to sitting at home without an income what do you all think?

    I am in my 40's, female, and was a solo truck driver for 20 years. I am used to being around mostly men. I know prisoners are their own world. I would consider any location close to Dallas. I live about an hour east of Dallas.

    I never thought when I lost my job as a truck driver I would be struggling to find one in nursing. I know this site has a lot of great advice and if you all feel it is a huge mistake to take on as a new grad then I will rule out this avenue.

    Thanks for the input!
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  3. by   working in jail
    If you need a job, go for it. I'm sure the feds have excellent training, benefits and support. I have worked in medium/maxium/death row and county jail. Correctional nursing is like working an outpatient clinic/Dr's office, except your clients are incarcerated. In total I've had about 6 years experience in corrections had no major problems. The most aggravating part is when correctional officers try to dictate to nurses or want the nurse to compromise nursings standards of care. The main things you have to remember are: Follow the rules of the institution, Treat all inmates the same based on the rules, Don't judge and don't sympathize, Just do your job and respect all as you wish to be respected. Most inmates are regular people, but they know the rules when a staff member bends them they know you are vunerable. Many try to use medical for different reasons,i.e special food, woel excuses etc. The schedule is better than working any in hospital. Overtime is rare and you usually get off on time! Hope this helps!
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    Woel excuse should be work excuse. Oh and be fair and firm. No is No is No. Some will try you like a willful child. You gotta be tough. Always refer to the rules and you can't go wrong.
  5. by   tcat42
    Thanks for the reply.

    Its a hard decision when I have read some of the problems with being put on your own so fast. However, I have bills to pay and need to work. I feel I could at least try it and see.
  6. by   working in jail
    I understand about paying the bills and the tight job market. Ain't nothing more comforting than the almighty paycheck. I left corrections in 1999, but when I was recently thrown back in the job market, there was a position available in the county jail and I was so grateful for the corretions experience. I was hired on the spot. There is nothing happening at the jail worse than being at home wondering about the next paycheck. It's a distressing position to be in, if your're used to working and supporting your household. I haven't worked at a federal prison but I'm considering it. The feds have the best training and most inmates are white collar criminals. Maybe research the facility first and ask for a tour before deciding. Good Luck!
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    Thanks for all the great information!