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Hi Everybody! I was wondering if anyone on this board is an MTA at Salinas Valley or Vacaville. I just applied as an MTA at Salinas. I have a ton of questions. Any info provided would be greatly appreciated!!! -How long... Read More

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    update! i finally got a call from CDCR informing me that the "hiring freeze exempt" has passed for me and that I have a start date to work on NOV 14 at salinas!! =D finally after almost a whole year of waiting! lol hows your selection process going so far slappy619?
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    Congrats!!!! I am glad you got it!!
    I'm still undergoing the background. I hit a snag but hopefully it will be sorted out. I don't think I will come onboard until early next year. I'm still in school (psych tech) and I can't start work until I am licensed.
    Let me know how it goes!! Hopefully, I will catch up with you. My name is Pete. I'd send you my email but
    I think they block it?
    Take Care!
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    hey Pete,

    So far so good here in Salinas DMH. I just want to say how easy this job is compared to working in a LTC or convalescent hospital! 8 hour shift and all your really working is 1-2 hours.. its just spread apart haha. You dont have to deal with families, mostly escorting, the med techs do most of the med passes, its a safe and secured place even if they are inmates, we follow safety to the TEEE! lol but this is the end of my second week here. get in soon man! lol
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    I'm glad it is working out for you! Unfortunately, I can't make it.
    Good news I can try again in a year. In the meantime, I'll try to
    get a non-peace officer job (Psych Tech) at one of the state hospital
    then try to transfer over. Maybe next year? Hope you have a great and fruitful Career!
    Take Care,

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