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  1. Hello everyone, I started this account a little over two years ago when I wasn't sure I was even going to get into nursing school, but here I am just 1 and a half months away from graduating and becoming an RN
    The only board I have followed here is the Correctional Nursing board after my first Med-Surg rotation last year at a state prison; I think I found my area of interest.
    I am in my final weeks of school and I am really excited to be able to finally write a paper on something that I have enjoyed learning more about. I've decided to focus my paper on "Safety Protocols and Assessment as Priorities within Correctional Healthcare." I thought I would start on a brief history of the profession and what makes it unique, the roles and responsibilities of a correctional nurse.
    Mostly I want to focus on safety and how that is the focus of care and sometimes some of the challenges in care. I may touch upon briefly the problems of manipulation, but I feel that understanding the rationale behind some protocols that promote safety is probably the most important part of nursing care within corrections.
    That said: I just have a few simple questions that I would be forever grateful if anyone would like to take the time to answer them.
    1. What kind of orientation did your facility provide to educate you on safety protocols and procedures as a healthcare provider with a correctional institution? Do you feel it was adequate to prepare you for the realities of correctional nursing?
    2. What are your priority safety assessment questions and interventions during an initial interview with a new incoming inmate? are they related to presenting behavior? Are they related to medical history?
    3. What have been your own standards of practice to maintain a safe work environment? Have there been any challenges?

    Thank you very much in advance. This board has already helped me so much on this journey towards my nursing career
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