Nurses that have worked at Pelican Bay AND another CA prison?

  1. I am curious...Are there any nurses that have worked at Pelican Bay in CA, as well as other state correctional facilities? How did you like (or not like) Pelican Bay/the supermax environment, as compared to any other location. How does clinic work there? Are inmates taken out of their cells to come to the clinic when they have an appointment? Or is all routine sick call done at cell-side in some fashion? If the inmates come to the clinic, are they always in full chains/irons? Any difference in how you felt, security-wise in the supermax environment?
    And if you have an emergency that you have to send an inmate out for (MI, arterial bleeding, etc.) is there a system for getting them to the ER in a reasonable amount of time. ( I have been frustrated in facilties that I have worked in, when we had a real bonafide emergency that needed to get OUT, but it took soooooo long.)
    I am assuming it is not too much different than Ad.Seg. in other facilities, but I could be wrong. Interested in hearing any opinions on how facilities compared.
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