New RN Grad going to CA Prisons

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    Hello everyone,

    Im starting my classes soon and hope to graduate around 2015. My ultimate passion is to work in the prison system or jail systems in CA... To this date, do they still hire New Grads?

    I have many friends as CO's in the prisions and wanted to know if that helps getting in as well?

    Is there any externships I can do while in school for me to get into the prison systems?

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    I also forgot to ask.... I notice that California Department of Corrections has openings for CNA. Does being a CNA in the prisons help getting your foot in the door too? Should i take the Free CNA course here in Fresno now and work the 6 months of experience that they require then apply?
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    That sounds like a good idea. I have a friend who works as a CNA @ the womens prison @ Chowchilla which isn't too far from Fresno.
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    Do you think it will help me get in or am I wasting my time and just stay the RN route? I'm gonna start RN soon but if I should take the cna class now then I will before I start the program
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    I would say take the CNA class if you actually have the time to do it though.
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    I don't know everything there is to know about the prison system. I've been a CNA since 2008 and start nursing school next month. Some nursing programs will let you sit for the CNA test I believe after the 1st or 2nd semester of nursing school. I'm not entirely sure so it would be best to contact the program you want to attend.
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    cna thru a registry is definitey a way in and a quick view of what to expect in general
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    Registry? I have heard of this term but I dont know what it is? Im assuming like a staffing agency? Who do you go through in Fresno and or San luis obispo?

    If i can sit for the CNA exam after taking some classes in the RN program that would be easier. If not, I will have to figure out a way to take a night class or weekend course.
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    I recently graduated nursing school. I have an entire family (father, father in law, aunts, uncles, etc.) that works as prison guards. I still can't get a job in the prison system. Your best bet is to get a job as a CNA. But that is true for any job you want as a nurse. You can sit and challenge the CNA state test once you complete your 1st semester of nursing school. And you can actually sit and challenge the state test to become an LVN after your second semester of nursing school (most people don't tell you that one). Good luck.
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    LVN huh? Didn't know that :-)I will challenge the CNA and start working as one while in school so that it would helpWhy can't you work as a CNA in the prison now?

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