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Hello all, I am a seven year veteran of the Federal Bureau of Prisons and Immigration Health. I am also a graduate student working on finishing my MSN. My end of program project is a descriptive... Read More

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    I've sent you a PM. Hopefully, you can then reply. You should get a note in your email as well.
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    BSNinTX, ok so I rec'd your pm and I could read it but until I have 15post, I am unable to message anyone. At least that's the way I read the help buttom. lol So, I suppose I shall post 8 more times and perhaps then I can message you. Any suggestions??? Thx.
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    I realize this is a few years later, but I am asking the same question about the facility in Bastrop. Any info? Thanks!
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    For BSNinTX - I have the same question as above. I realize it's been a few years, but if you can send me any info about working at the Bastrop facility, I would appreciate it. I just joined today to be able to send this question, so not sure how to send you my private email. Thanks!