Need a change from hospital to correctional Nursing- any one here in st. louis, mo.

  1. I'm needing a change from the hospital setting into something else. I've been a Nurse going on 9 yrs to be exact, I've done MED-Surg, Float pool nursing in many different area of the hospital, to now Telemetry nursing for about 4 yrs and tired of that. I'm ready to make a move to something else. Interested in Correctional Nursing, maybe in the County Jail in Clayton of st. louis, mo.. If there is anyone here that could give insight about how most of these facilities conduct there interviews would be helpful for starters. For instance, are the interviews one on one type interviews or is set up more like a panel discussion where multiply people are there throwing all sorts of questions and issues at you. All replys would be grateful, especially those who are in the ST. Louis, MO. area. Thanks
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  3. by   TNT_RN09
    I was a med surg nurse for 5 yrs and I finallygot burnt out and just started in dept of corrections but in the community facilities, what they call the halfway houses. So far it seems way less stressful than the hosp but I'm still orientating so we shall see. It's a complete different world than the hosp though. Try it you may like it
  4. by   markme1320
    Thanks for the input, yes I may like it, because I'm needing to make a change. How is everything going so far with orientation.
  5. by   TNT_RN09
    So far it's been Ok,unorganized as expected but myjob is pretty laid back
  6. by   avahnel
    I just got a job at the Clayton facility. I start on Monday. They do a panel interview followed by a job shadow/drug screen. I am moving from a hospital, and am excited to start working in public health.
  7. by   proudauntie415
    I am curious if you have had any luck. I have recently applied for a correctional nursing position for the Justice Center in St. Louis, MO. Except I am very new nurse, been the medical for 12 years..but as a Medical Assistant. And we all know, waaaay different thinking now that I am a nurse, so I am still a baby nurse. Who knows if they would even hire me because of my lack of experience. But let me know how things went. I am really wanting into correctional nursing!