Are Male RNs or BSNs Preferred for State Prisons? - page 2

I just got a letter of employment inquiry for a full-time RN position at a California state prison. It caught me by surprise because I just passed the assessment test online with a 85% three weeks ago. I know this doesn't mean... Read More

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    Glad to hear that you're interested in correctional nursing, I've been at CMC for about 3 years now, and I can tell you that they do hire new grads, but not a lot. just like most other places, they want experienced nurses. I started as a registry nurse and rolled over to state service after "getting in" with my bosses. If you can get your LVN you can also get in that way, we have LVNs that get their RNs then promote. There is good news though, the state is building a medical facility in Stockton for CDCR's ill and aging population that will need more than 400 nurses by next year (California Health Care Facility – Stockton) Also, we are building a Psych facility here at CMC that is suppost to open at the end of the year that will require us to hire more nurses. Don't give up and good luck!

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    In California we don't hire CNA's (I wish we did!)
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    County jails in California do hire cnas/ma as well as lvn and rn. Most lvn pass pills; however some do the exact same work as an rn.

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