Grafton Prison

  1. Does anyone know the hiring process for Grafton prison located in Lorain, Ohio? I applied over 2 months ago and finally got an interview. I think the interview went well. Nothing was mentioned about another interview or taking a tour of the facility.
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  3. by   BSNJenRN
    Are you a new RN? ADN or BSN? How long from when you applied to when you got called for an interview? I applied to a position with Lorain Correctional (across from Grafton). On the state of Ohio employment website they just recently re-posted a Grafton nurse position.
  4. by   delilas
    I'm agency for an Ohio prison, but even for nurses moving from agency to state, it's a long process! One of my coworkers just got notified of her acceptance to become a state employee 3 weeks ago, but she will not begin orientation until January. Luckily, she can stay agency in the meantime.

    Ohio seems to move slowly, imo - just the background check for me to work at this prison took 5 weeks.

    If you don't get the state position, ATC Healthcare is the agency that holds the contracts for prison nurses in the state.
  5. by   BSNJenRN
    Thanks for the response! I will look into that agency. Currently, my application is under review. I just wonder how long it takes bewteen the application process & possible an interview?
  6. by   delilas
    I know for us, it's generally two months? But then, the last RN position they posted, we got over 80 applications, and they only interviewed 8, so I'm not sure how or if they notify the ones that don't get interviews. State is not efficient
  7. by   BSNJenRN
    Thanks for the input. It's been a frustrating process in general.