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Hello, I was wondering if anyone had an information on the SORT team in the BOP. I wanted to know if it was possible for te SORT team to have a nurse on board. The Special Operations and Response... Read More

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    Quote from BSNinTX
    I think in the case of a SWAT team, there is not so much of a conflict. The medical staff are not part of the team, but rather an auxiliary. In addition, they have an ongoing relationship with the team but not the criminals they interact with. Thus, the potential for conflict is reduced.

    Just my first pass thoughts on it.
    Exactly. The healing role is different than the custody role. Someone inside the facility has to treat the inmates' medical conditions from a perspective of advocacy, albeit, limited and narrowly constructed. Someone inside has to view them as humans in need of care, when care is needed. If the nurse is knocking heads and subduing people, then the people with the smashed faces (the inmates) are going to be a bit hard pressed to view the guy/gal as a "healer."

    I'm sorry if I sound (read) a bit sarcastic on this point. I guess I just sort of took this as a given -- something that didn't need to be pointed out, so to speak. I do get frustrated with this stuff sometimes.
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    I belong to our SORT team in a metropolitan city in the southern US. I am the medic for the team. I am a LPN & EMT-IV & gradually acquiring my training @ each of our monthly training days. Last training day, we did a 15+ mile wilderness hike along with open water survival training @ one of our local lakes. I have only been with out SORT team for 6 months & to date, do not forsee the department allowing a nurse/EMT to train with firearms in the near future.
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    Thank you all for your input. I have been told I am an adrenaline junkie so I am always trying to find a thrilling avenue to my job. I accept it is a conflicting position to be in and now understand why the nurse is not directly involved. I guess I'll go into a trauma ER and use firearms (SAFELY) on my own time outside of work. Thanks again.
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    perhaps having the medical team on stand by versus in full ERT gear would show both officers and inmates that "Medical" is standing by.