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  1. The BVNPT did a DOJ & FBI background check before i was allowed to take my Nclex. I got through it, but I did have to write a statement and give information about my juvenile arrest with no conviction.
    I didnt get a letter in the mail saying i passed my nclex, i got a letter saying that my file was in review. I knew this would happen because they had to investigate the details of the arrest.
    It took awhile but i finally obtained my license. Yesterday, I was offered a position as a Correctional Nurse, subject to a clear background check, & my references were ok.

    I understand this arrest will always show up on any background check, once 10 years has passed,BUT, im assuming if the BVNPT allowed me to practice as a nurse in California, so will the CDOC.

    Am i right in assuming this? Any one ever dealt with this or know someone who has?
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  3. by   StephanieSmithCA_LVN
    Well, I have gotten calls from my references saying DOC is contacting them. Hopefully this is a good sign. Maybe I've got clearance?
  4. by   thejadedmonkey
    If you don't mind, I'd be interested in knowing how this turned out for you as I also have a juvenile record and am interested in correctional nursing.
  5. by   Orca
    If there was an arrest but no conviction, there shouldn't be an issue. If there was a conviction, a lot will depend upon what the arrest was for and how recent it was.
  6. by   valzRN
    I had something on me as a juvenile but I have always came back find on my clearance. Currently I work in a state prison, but I have also worked in county jails... it shouldn't, but I will agree with Orca... I think that it depends on what you did and how long ago it was. As long as you haven't been in any trouble recently, it shouldn't be a problem.