4'11 and weight 110 pound. Will they hire someone like me?

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    I would like to know if I my height is 4'11 and weight only 110 pound. Would they not hire me because I am small and facing IM that are big?

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    What is IM? What kind of job are you applying for?
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    I have never heard of a nurse not being hired for being petite
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    In mates???? I don't see what size has to do with it
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    @ RNFionaI am not trying to apply for any job in nursing for I do not hold a nursing license. I am in college taken class to lead me toward nursing school. I would like to be in the field of "Correctional Nurse". Which is why I am doing research on this field. I do believe that petite has nothing to do with not getting hired for the job. BUT, when you are facing maybe 5000 im (inmate) that are lifting weight and mostly are dangerous, that they would consider hiring someone that maybe look like they can handle some of this inmate.

    @ itsnoworneverThank you. Yes, I learn from this website "IM" is short for inmate.
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    if your doing reseach there are some real good deals on half.com a lot of correctional books including some NCCHC manuals
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    I have a supervisor that is 4'11" and shes tough as nails. Doesn't matter what your stature is; as long as you can socially adapt to the unique environment of a prison. You will be hired based on your skills and character, not whether you can arm bar an inmate.
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    Quote from jtranptld
    I would like to know if I my height is 4'11 and weight only 110 pound. Would they not hire me because I am small and facing IM that are big?
    I work in corrections and I'm 5'1 and 110lbs. Personally I was concerned I wouldn't be hired because although I'm 22 I look about 16, honestly. When I was first hired everyone thought our IMs would walk all over me but you just have to be firm and have a backbone. But your size isn't a big deal, there is ALWAYS a CO with an IM. And if there isn't, do NOT let them in medical.Good luck to you! Corrections is definitely an interesting job!
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    I'm 5'1 and weigh 89 lbs and work as a pct! I tell ppl " dynamite comes in small packages"! Lol.
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    I am 4'11, 93 lbs, 38 y/o that looks just like my 17 y/o daughter except when my hair dye has faded and my gray is shining! lol I finished LPN school 2011 and began working in LTC in Jan 2012 then as a corrections nurse in May. I absolutely love working at the local jail. It is a different world when compared to LTC and hospitals. I am currently enrolled in my last semester of ADN RN transition program and working at the jail PRN as well as working in a LTC facility 2 days/month 12 hr shifts. Every day before my shift at the LTC facility I have anxiety kick in, however before my shift at the jail I have zero anxiety. You should always have an officer any time you are around an IM (inmate). I have hope of finding a job as a full time corrections nurse in 2013 as an RN!! Good Luck!

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