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Hi, Just wanted to start a thread for all of the people accepted to Gateway Community College, Connecticut for the fall 2012 or spring 2013! Introduce yourself!... Read More

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    I'm in Goodwin College right now. All the LPN to RN bridge program students throughout the state of CT are all in the same Charter Oak online 3 credit class (NUR 190). After completing NUR 190 then everyone splits off and takes NUR 195 (the hard course) "practicum" at the RN school they got accepted into (i.e. you're going to Gateway). Yes, there are three books that they make you buy for the Charter Oak class, but I would refer to your syllabus for the exact books because they might change from section to section. For my class we were required to buy the Fundamentals of Nursing by Potter and Perry, Nursing Diagnosis by Akley, and the Virtual Online Clinical Excursion workbook. You can purchase a dose calc book at a bookstore and I think that the one the course recommends is the one produced by Mosley (spelling?). Yes, the questions on the tests were all 100% NCLEX questions pulled out of a test bank. No, you don't have to go to a hospital based clinical, you just go over the skills on dummies in the school's respective nursing lab. Hope this helped.

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    Neverknow, I am finishing up 102 in a few weeks. We will be in 201 together. For books we need Lewis- Med/surg, Varcarolis- Psychology, and Lehne- Pharmacolgy for sure, maybe Potter-Fundamentals, we use that periodically. I don't know if we need anything else. When you get 15 posts, private message me if you want. Who did you meet with? C.H.??
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    StudentnurseCT, how is the grading? What's the average you meet to keep? How many tests a week? Look forward to meeting you. My first orientation is 5/7@xenogenetic, I was told I need to pass with atleast a B for the bridge.. in your opinion is this easily doable? Is it a tricky coarse? Or as long as you follow what they tell u it will be fine. A little nervous now.. also how much were the books? Thanks
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    We need to maintain 74%. We've had 5 tests and a final each semester. This semester we had one paper to write. Pharm was 3 online tests and a group project. There is a math test for 201, the last one for the program!! She's sending us a practice test over the summer.
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    Oh. That's great. I hope she sends it out to the newer students as well. Thank everyone so much for tagged info. This will help so much. I am currently working full time. Hoe about everyone else. If so does anyone plan on cutting back?
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    Here are the notes I took for our 201 mini-orientation. We are switching to Blackboard LEARN and she wants us to get familiar with it over the summer. We are moving to the new campus, try to take one of the tours if you can.
    Class is Mon and Tue 4-6pm occasionally 4-7pm.
    Clinical could be Wed, Thur, or Friday. 3-11PM, 4-12, or 7-330? Probably Yale and HSR.
    There is one dosage test, the last one for the program . She is sending the practice exam via email. There is going to be a math review for students that want to attend the end of August or early September.
    We were told that up to 9 LPN's will be joining us.
    The first week is a different schedule: Monday no school Labor day, Tues and Wed 1-3PM.
    Some major topics are CV, Respiratory, Endocrine, GI, Psych, and Bioterrorism.
    November 6, 2012 a Tuesday, is CT League for Nurses, RN student day. It counts as a clinical day and is mandatory. Cost is $40. https://www.ctleaguefornursing.org/e...ime=1352185200. that Wednesday is a class day.
    We may have off site days in a Cath lab, or GI lab, and Peds days at Yale. Maybe a flu clinic.
    Skills to validate are CVC care and trach care.
    SimMan sign ups will be on Sim manager and are mandatory.
    I really like knowing what to expect and having the schedule changes in advance. I just wish I knew what we were doing for clinical.

    Good Luck and we'll see you in the fall.
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    StudentnurseCT, u mean to tell me that they can make you go to clinical in the day? Thought it was all evening? Also on the days that are just class.are we we only in class for 2 to 3 hours and that's it?. I thought it was 3-11 4 days a week.
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    There have been 1 or 2 day clincal groups each semester, but more than that requested days for the fall. So people that want nights should get nights. Class is only 2-3 hours twice a week. The pharmacology class follows on Mondays for one hour.
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    Yes they make you go many days of clinical during the day my dads girlfriend graduated last year and her job was at wits end with all the days she had to miss. You go to aquaturf one day u have like 3 day clinicals in the first semester. Even though it is night mannyy things are during the day. I am working 40hrs cutting down to 24 in january. Hope that helps!
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    Ive had one day of daytime clinical in two semesters. The day clinical groups are difficult to get. They are giving us 6 months notice at least.

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