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  1. Hello Everyone! I was just accepted to UCONN Storrs campus into the 2010 MbEIN program. Anyone else out there a new admission to the program?
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  3. by   jelenie01

    i am taking my pre requisites right now. I have applied early however, since my pre reqs are not done yet. Im assuming it will be next year. How were you informed by Uconn that you got accepted? I just want to know what the process is once I'm done with my pre requisites?

  4. by   ELFMwife
    My last pre-requisite was completed in May, which was A&P II. This made me eligible for the June review committee. I received a phone call to schedule an interview with the Assistant Dean who runs the program around the second week of June. Three weeks later I was called back for a second interview with the Acting Dean of the School of Nursing. I received an acceptance letter in the mail 4 days later. In order to secure my spot at Storrs I had to sign the acceptance letter and return it along with a non-refundable deposit of $500.00 (which they had to receive by a certain date ~ 7 days later or I would forfeit my spot). It was a relatively smooth process, and the interviews were about 30 minutes each. Upon receipt of my deposit the school sent me a packet with immunization requirements, a physical form, and uniform / equipment order forms. I have an evening orientation to attend in September, which will provide more in depth information about the program.

    Hope this helps!
  5. by   jelenie01
    Goodluck on your orientation and on your first day. I heard it is an extensive course. I'm sure all the hard work will pay off after all this is done. thanks.
  6. by   nessam828
    I've been accepted to the Waterbury campus for the class of 2010. Anyone else attending watebury campus mbein program?
  7. by   DKNYFaith
    Oh man... Jelenie have you heard anything? Similarly to you I finished my prerequisites back on August 7th and was able to rush all my official transcripts for that last outstanding class (A&P II) to Storrs. I have yet to hear back - I'm prepared for the worst at this point. I has Stamford and Waterbury as my campus options. Have you heard anything whatsoever? Sounds like grades don't matter too much as I got straight A's in literally all my prereqs...
  8. by   HK2010
    I was also recently accepted to the Storrs 2010 program. I am a mother of two young children hoping to end up a family nurse practitioner but found out in my acceptance interview that UCONN is no longer offering NP programs as Masters programs. (DNP will be required of all NP's by 2015....I guess they want to get a real head start??!!) Anyone else heard this?
  9. by   StudyinginCT
    Hey folks. I'm a Waterbury MbEIN class of 2009 student.

    The program is completely disorganized, so know that going in. According to the Associate Dean (who is on sabbatical right now), UConn plans to phase out MSN options "as demand permits."

    While nursing does intend to change it's standard of practice from Master's level to Doctoral level by 2015, they also intended to phase out ASN degrees and switch to BSN trained nurses in the 1960's and clearly, they haven't succeeded.

    My advice is not to worry about it. Other nursing schools in the state will accept your Certificate from UConn. Also, you will be able to get in before the 2015 deadline if you push straight through anyway.

    Go into this program with an open mind, be extremely flexible, and be prepared to not know what's expected of you at all times.

    I would do it again; it's great way to become a nurse in 11 months. However, the program is overpriced for what you get from it.

    Just my opinion for what it's worth.
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  10. by   nessam828
    Stydyinginct how was the clinical sites assigned ir did u get to choose?
  11. by   StudyinginCT
    The clinical sites? The sites are fine. Hospitals are hospitals. You don't really get to choose, sometimes they let you put in preferences, but you rarely get what you prefer. They sporadically let you switch with other students, but then, sometimes they don't let you switch.

    Clinical is basically a crap shoot. Take what you get.
  12. by   crazybean
    I have been accepted also and am hoping for the best once the program starts. Heard its quite a load but definately worth it in exchange for finishing so quickly!

    Does anyone know when the actual first day of class is???
  13. by   MandaL724
    I have also been accepted to the Storrs Campus for 2010. I'm from New London. Anyone else from SE CT?
  14. by   ELFMwife
    I went to the orientation on Monday the 21st in Storrs, and the assistant dean was not clear on whether or not the class of 2010 would make the cutoff for the Master's APRN program. The problem is that after you pass your NCLEX, which in our case won't be until January or February of 2011, you need to complete 2000 clinical hours BEFORE you can start the master's program (you couldn't start until fall 2012). The program is set to be phased out in 2014. This would only allow for 1 1/2 years of study, and the program is 2 full years full time. The DNP program is an additional 30 credits on top of the master's program. Any questions I would contact Rhea Sanford in Storrs SON. Since Rhea was not sure herself completely of the fate of the program, I am going to keep in close contact to see what happens. I will consider the DNP if necessary.