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Hello Everyone! I was just accepted to UCONN Storrs campus into the 2010 MbEIN program. Anyone else out there a new admission to the program?... Read More

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    Hey Conn.nursingstudent (or anyone else who knows)
    How long did it take after the admission review for you to find out that you were accepted? Did you need to interview? I applied for the Aug review and am feeling really anxious.

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    Hi scraplover72,

    I applied in June 2011 and heard back in two weeks.

    Good luck (-:
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    Oh, and I did not have to interview.
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    Thank you Conn.nursingstudent...I got in, phew!
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    Congratulations! What campus will you be attending?
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    I am going to MEIN program 2012 and I am wondering is there anyone who graduated from 2010 or will graduate from 2011 want to sell their scrub and books? It is very expensive to buy new. If anyone who want to sell it, please contact me!


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