Southern's ACE (ABSN) Program

  1. hi everyone ,

    [color=#00bfff]i was wondering if anyone has graduated from southern's ace program. and if so, can you provide any info? how is the program? what were your stats (gpa,prereqs' grades,etc.) before you got in? i heard you had to get 100% on the first test in order to stay in the program, is that true? and any other info you guys would think is helpful :spin:

    [color=#00bfff]there is a lot of info on their website but its always nice to hear from those who have gone through the program :d

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  3. by   ahoofeba
    Hi Buduca,

    I am graduating from the ACE program on this coming thursday (Aug 5). At the time of application we were about 110 individuals and 22 of us were accepted into the program. I don't know the average GPA of all those who were accepted but my GPA was 3.6 (not exactly reflective of my academic potential- LOL).

    You're required to write an essay as part of the application process. One's GPA might be as great but I believe that if your essay is compelling enough it might convince the admission committee of your potential and you may be accepted.

    Well, with first exam, it's nothing serious to worry about. Once you're accepted into the program you're given 6 chances to pass the exam. Yes, the passing mark is 100% but it is not comprehensive exam. The content is medications calculations. Very easy to grasp if you did high school math. eg "The physician ordered 10mg of medication x. The medication comes in a tablet of 5mg. How many tablets should you administer?"
    5mg=1 tab
    therefore: 10mg=y
    Solve for Y:Y=(10*1)/5=10/5=2 tabs
    Ans: 2 tabs.

    this is just one example. But the concept is the same throughout.

    Once you are accepted they will let you buy a book that has lots and lots of examples that will set you up for success.

    My Prerequisite grade varied from B- to A.

    I hope this information helps. If you have more questions, pls let me know.

    Good luck.
  4. by   Buduca Sestra
    Congrats on your graduation, ahoofeba! Wow I just realized tomorrow is the 5th!!!

    And thank you so much for answering my questions.

    How did you find the program? Was it tough? I also hear that they don't recommend you work while in the program. Do you think it is possible to work part time and do the program?

    Thanks again and hope you have a great graduation
  5. by   ahoofeba
    Thanks for the congratulation. Well, like all nursing schools the program is tough but it is doable. Remember, you are completing a typical 2yr program in 1 yr (12 months). Very tough times, yet it flies by so quick, before you realize it is over. This might sound funny to you but if you're a very good reader, retainer and are able to effectively use your time you might be able to work like10 hours a week. I couldn't do it but 2 of my mates had jobs like that. I don't know how they managed it. It can be stressful and overwhelming, but once you get into the program you can make it if you pull your weight.

    I looked at UCONN's program (does not award BSN), Quinipiac's (too expensive for me), Yale's (Expensive and no BSN) etc. I chose this program mainly because of the cost. It costs about $15,000. There are some good professors who would want you to succeed. If I were to do it again I might, but will plan it out better.

    My encouragement to you is that you make up your mind about the school you want and work hard on the prerequisites for the school. Apply and get started. It would not be long and it will be over.

    Before I started this program I looked around this site and other places for anybody who had completed the program. I found none. So I am more than happy to help with information, books etc. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have more questions.

  6. by   Buduca Sestra
    Thank you, ahoofeba! My thoughts are exactly the same. I did a lot of research before I decided to switch careers and allnurses was the best source. Unfortunately, there really was nothing on Southern's ACE program so that's why I started this thread. So thank you so much for replying

    I chose this program both for the cost and its reputation (high passing rate). Like you said, some of the other programs are really high in cost. Also some of my friends have gone to Southern and it seems like they got their money's worth so...

    I am actually going to be starting my prereqs this fall at HCC and have decided to take a CNA class to try and get some experience before I become an RN (and if I can, maybe work as a CNA while doing the ACE program ).

    I was wondering if you know any good places where I would be able to get scrubs? I know Walmart has them but are there any other places where it may be even cheaper than that?

    Also is there any financial aid such as scholarships or tuition reimbursement for second degree nursing students that you are aware of?

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  7. by   Sianen
    If you're looking for scrubs for the ACE program, upon admission they will send you the uniform requirements. You have to buy the scrubs from a company called Dove in addition to a lab coat and school name tag. They're not cheap, and you will probably need 2 pairs for when you have multiple clinical sites on back to back days. I would recommend purchasing one set to start and then when you have your first classes, wait to see if any of the graduating class donate their old scrubs. There's a pretty good chance of this--they're not very comfortable and somewhat less than flattering.