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Ok, this forum was very helpful to me when I was applying to school. It's time for me to give back. I'm going to attempt to share with you everything that I know. Please feel free to ask any questions and I'll get back to you... Read More

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    iannotti021 I haven't finished the pre-recs when I applied, and I explained everything in my cover letter.

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    Quote from vivinursingstudent
    Hi there! I just got accepted to start next fall, and your description of the classes is very helpful.
    Now, let me ask you. If I choose the evening clinical and lab, I only have to go during the day 1x week, which is "Tuesday: 8:30 - 4:00 Lecture all day"? How many days/week would I go for the evening stuff?

    Thank you!

    Well, when I attended, the evening students would only have to attend one lecture day and all clinical and labs were at night. Keep in mind that the evening program is only for the first year, after that, you must attend during the day. But, I've heard that they are changing their format a little bit, that they are going to split lecture into 2 days, this is a great idea because your brain is fried after an 8 hour nursing lecture, but makes it tougher for people on tight schedules...
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    Quote from iannotti021
    This post was so helpful! I am getting ready to apply for the LPN to Rn program in june. I saw that you mentioned that you didnt have microbiology done but proved that you were going to take it before the program started...just wondering how you showed them you were signed up and what they said? I only need microbiology and public speaking....but wont be able to do it until summer after the application deadline. I called and the lady I talked to said I had to do it before. I will definitely have it done before tho. Any info about apply would be great!! thank you !
    I'm sorry for such a delayed response, I usually get an email when someone posts... English and Chem are the only courses that are required to enter the program. There are deadlines when the other courses must be completed during the program. That being said, I recommend that all courses are completed before starting the program, many students struggled and a few had to leave the program because it is far too much to handle to take science courses along with nursing courses.

    Here is the matrix: Curriculum at a Glance - Bridgeport Hospital, CT
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    Quote from vivinursingstudent
    Hi there! I just got accepted to start next fall, and your description of the classes is very helpful.
    Now, let me ask you. If I choose the evening clinical and lab, I only have to go during the day 1x week, which is "Tuesday: 8:30 - 4:00 Lecture all day"? How many days/week would I go for the evening stuff?

    Thank you!

    So I am currently in the program at BHSN. I am also enrolled in the Evening option until Level II (Nursing 201) because once you reach that level evening clinicals are rare as limited.

    All students attend lectures 2 days a week to spread out the schedule and there is usually one lab day. Although, the maternity course (Nursing 105) had only one lab day throughout the whole course. Plus you will be required to attend 2 days of either clinical and an observational rotation. You are also required to pick a day for a lab simulation which is helpful in practicing your nursing care, critical thinking, and patient care management.

    Hope this helps! If you have more questions, please ask away!
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    Thank you Jeana18 and cablefree!

    It sucks that they don't give me a schedule ahead of time, because I need to figure out what am I going to do for work... They say I have to wait until the Summer meeting because they are still figuring out the schedule...
    I current work full time as a nanny, but I already gave my boss a heads up about the fall... Now I'm lost... I cant look for another job until I figure out what the schedule is going to be like...

    Do you guys work? What do you work with, if you don't mind me asking?... I'm taking any advice I can get! lol

    Thanks again guys!
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    Well you can email me but the schedule that was posted on this post was about right. I work nights (11-7a) at the hospital 3 days a week on the weekends and I also have another job working 20 hours a week on the day hours that we don't have lectures. It will only work that way until Level II when I have day clinicals. It works for me but its a lot of work and needs GREAT organizational skills to manage.

    I'm paying for tuition out of pocket with no financial aid because I have a Bachelors so I can relate. It will be tough but I managed and informed my bosses of the possible outcome using this post and once I got my schedule I updated them and rearranged my schedule.

    Good luck with everything.
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    You don't really get any of the schedules for any of the course until a couple of days sometimes a week before the class begins so its something you'll have to get used to with the program. But it is manageable. Lectures aren't mandatory and sometimes people miss some due to work but I wouldn't bank on that idea because lectures help a lot with exams.
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    Unfortunately the schedule unpredictable. During level I, I was able to work on the days that we didn't have class/clinical; we usually had one day off during the week and the weekends (although, sometimes there are Saturday clinicals available...) Sometime you have to come in for a lab which may only be an hour long and it messes up your whole day...

    For level II, I did the accelerated program. We only had the weekends off during the summer... I worked on the weekends.

    For level II in the fall, plan on getting one day off during the week, but clinical days are now regular 8 hour days.

    Honestly, the schedule is all over the place... Sometimes there are specialty rotations that may take place on your day off... You will be given your schedule a few days before the course begins, hopefully you have an employer that is very flexible!
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    Thank you everyone for the responses.
    My current boss is not flexible at all, because they both work in NYC, and they need a full time nanny. so this job is already out of the equation...

    Jeana18 I'm in the exact same situation... I already have a bachelors, so financial aid is not a possibility for me... I'm paying for everything + I still have to help out with my house expenses (rent, etc)

    If I dont find a very flexible nanny job, I guess I'll have to work as a waiters or something like that....
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    Well don't get too discouraged. It's a lot of hard work to manage it all but I keep telling myself that in the end it will all be worth it all. Trust me, I was lucky that my mom offered to let me move back home, so I got to avoid the rent issue. But I still have plenty of other bills.

    My advice:

    - Try to apply for a Wells Fargo loan; only one the school takes
    - If your 24, you may get some aid. So still do your FAFSA.
    - Find a flexible job; maybe a per diem in a hospital would work too.
    - Apply for scholarships.
    - Stay positive!
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