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  1. by   mssjez
    Hey everyone!
    Has anybody had pre-reqs or NGPA posted as "met" yet on their commnet? I know last year around this time commnet application statuses were updated and letters for those who didn't meet the requirements were sent out in mid-March. It's exciting to know that we will find out is about a month! If any current nursing students have advice to give on what to expect or what their experiences (with professors, clinical, lab or lecture) have been so far, that would be great!
  2. by   ORnurseCT
    I'm so excited for all you. I'm not as excited anymore. I'm burned out and fried but I love it so much. I'm at Gateway.
  3. by   saramisu
    Nope, waiting for my NGPA to post. I've reduced the number of hours between each time I check my commnet to 12. sigh.
  4. by   saramisu
    also, the only pre-reqs reading as met are the ones I took through the CCC system so far, still waiting for others to post.
  5. by   mssjez
    That how it is for me too... only the CCC prereqs are listed as met. It says they received my transcripts though. I read in last year's discussion that they did things alphabetically so it may be later in the week that anything gets posted for me

    @studentnurseCT - I'm sorry you're burned out. On the upside you only have about a year left!
  6. by   saramisu
    Got confirmation on My Commnet that everything was met! Progress is being made!! All pre-reqs are listed as met. Thinking NGPA's will go up soon?

    Wow, I can't believe pretty soon we're going to find out!!!
  7. by   lgal86
    my commnet has said met for the prereq's since early february but has anyone found out when they should be posting our NGPA's?
  8. by   mssjez
    My commnet still only has "met" for the pre-reqs I took at the college. All the transfered pre-reqs are still not listed. Last year they had gotten the NGPAs up by March 15th. So hopefully they'll be up soon! There isn't really a spot for it on the page, so I'm not really sure where to look for it. Less than a month and we'll know!!! So excited and nervous at the same time!!
  9. by   lgal86
    Thanks! I'm driving myself crazy checking everyday.
  10. by   nimopiba
    I transferred in all of my credits from Goodwin and Gateway accepted them all. I submitted my application the Friday before the deadline and all of my prereqs were listed as "met" by the 3rd week of February. I hadn't planned on applying for this fall but I did anyway. Not sure how well I will rank. My GPA is 3.6, B+ in AP1, and 78.8 on the TEAS V. I took it without studying and planned to study and take it again this summer for next year but I said the worst that could happen is I don't get in, right? I am currently at Goodwin which is where I originally planned to go for my BSN but I live in the New Haven area and gas is way too much to keep travelling to East Hartford several times a week. So I figured if I get in great and if not I will stay at Goodwin and invest in my own gas station! LOL
  11. by   lgal86
    I spoke to someone at nvcc and they said our nursing Gpa's will not be posted , has anyone heard when we will receive any news?
  12. by   saramisu
    Nothing, yet. Any idea why they're not posting? That might be better for my peace of mind, no comparing it against others and worrying about how I did I suppose?
  13. by   lgal86
    Not sure i was hoping to see it though! I also found out that for next years cycle the gpa is ONLY going to be based on courses that are applicable to the nursing program, instead of the whole past 5 years thing. Wish they were doing that this year because those courses I have all A's in. But the inclusion of past 5 years is going to hurt my gpa for ranking