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I was hoping to continue a great thread that I read last year, Ready to Apply CT Colleges 2009. It was a bunch of people looking to get into the CT Community Colleges nursing program for 2009-2010 academic year! They really... Read More

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    Yes, I was at orientation and that's what we got from the teachers. Hope to see you in January in the class.
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    I was also accepted to Northwestern for this January. I will be taking that seat, so we will not be meeting in January at Norwalk. Good luck with your studies....
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    Thanks Jdoll. Congratulation on your acceptance. I know was far for yu and thanks God you got better closer spot. Congrat one mre time.
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    Northwestern? Is that an established credited Nursing school? Where did they come from? No one has even heard of them.
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    It is a community college in winstead. the same as nvcc gateway and the rest.
    I believe there are 6 now instead of 5.
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    It's the newest CC to offer a Nursing program; one of the six CT CCNP.
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    Anyone else looking forward to the application being posted? I am...I just wish they were able to make decisions faster...let the waiting game begin!!!
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    I am new to this site for Im sorry if this question was already asked...but does anyone who got accepted mind me asking what your TEAS test and GPA was? I just applied for the fall at Gateway and I know how competitive this program is.


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