Qunnipiac University Accelerated BSN Fall 2013

  1. Hi everyone,

    I got accepted to QU for their Accelerated nursing program starting fall 2013. I'm from CA and don't know much about QU or their nursing program. I was wondering if any QU nursing grads could offer any advice on the program.

    Also, anyone know of a good location/place to live off campus that is affordable?
    If anyone else is from out of state/in state going to QU for the accelerated nursing program fall 2013 let me know! Looking forward to hearing your response!
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  3. by   charms31
    Hi! I'm going to QU in the fall too! I'm in the same situation. I'm coming from Texas and I wish I know more about CT and QU. I'm going to CT at the end of May to look for an Apt in New Haven. I want to live in New Haven because its a bigger city and hopefully, more grad students to hang out with (time permitting).

    Thanks for starting this thread!
  4. by   hiimkendra

    I'm so glad I found someone else in the program! I'm looking for places in hamden or north haven but haven't had much luck online. The school gave me contact info for a woman who helps students with off-campus housing so hopefully I'll have much more luck with that. Are you going to live by yourself or looking for roomies?
  5. by   charms31
    I'm glad you started this thread!! I looked for you on the Future Nurses group on myQU4U website and I did not find a Kendra. It would make it easier for us to email/chat etc.

    I'm not sure about the living situation yet. I just want a nice, fun, happy, extremely busy year and roommates can be unpredictable. I think affordable housing is available esp in areas outside of the college towns. Check out Craiglist as an option. I also have to think about whether I'll get a furnished apt vs trucking most of my stuff to CT from TX and whether I'm shipping my car or u-hauling it to CT. So many decisions to make I'll make my decisions after my visit this summer.

    Are you visiting CT before orientation in August? When are you planning on moving to CT? I'm thinking end of July, early August before orientation would be great for me to settle in and get to know my new state! I'm going to call the school after my finals for the off-campus housing help. I'm in the middle of Finals prep right now.

    Take care!
  6. by   hiimkendra
    I just joined the future nursing group on Qu4u. You can try and find me there so that we can email and chat more easily.

    I agree, there's so many decisions to make about moving! I've been looking on Craigslist too but haven't really reached out to anyone since I assumed many people are looking for renters to rent out places right now rather than in aug. I am planning to go to CT in aug for orientation and look for places then or find places before and move in when I get to orientation. I don't think I'll be making a trip there before orientation since plane tickets are expensive. Everything is just so unpredictable for me at this point lol, but I'm sure everything will slowly come together when it gets closer to august.

    Good luck on finals!
  7. by   charms31
    Kendra! I'm Charmaine. Nice to meet you! I still can't see you on myQU4U!
  8. by   Dreamer010
    Hi everyone, i know this is an old thread and I just posted this on the class of 2013's thread before I found this more recent one , but I am a QU class of 2015 ABSN hopeful. I just finished having all my supporting documents sent in and my application went complete ready for review. I know on the website it states that applicants will be notified starting March 1st, but i have been seeing on many of these threads that applicants find out between December- Feb. I'm dying to know when I will find out if i have been accepted and i'm hoping not until March!
  9. by   hiimkendra

    I didn't find out until mid March. I think most decision letters were sent out around the same time in March