Questions about the private CT LPN programs...

  1. I just graduated from an MA program at LT (what a joke) & now I want to do my LPN. I have time sensitive issues so can't wait for the next state class to start next year. I thought about CC but that is going to take more time than I have as well. So I have decided on one of the private programs such as LT, or P&C, or Stone Academy. Does anyone have any more recent info on these schools like schedules for the morning? I know tuition is really expensive & I am OK with that. I just need to do this & I need to do it now!

    I have an autistic son so I am trying to figure out the different class schedules as I have to be home for his bus or work out childcare.

    Thanks for any info!
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  3. by   katy_bascom
    I went to Porter and Chester in Enfield and I was in the first graduating class of April 2010. The program has grown quite a bit since then and I believe they have a 9 or 10 month option or a 15 month option (which is what I did). I would recommend the 15 month program only because the program is very intense and you need that extra day off every week (the program is Monday through Thursday). I thought it was a great program with good instructors and great clinical sites. Our started with 20 and graduated with 12 students. The student loans are killing me now but it's worth it!
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    Thank you for the info! I spoke with them today and the schedule is now M-F 8 am-3pm and 8am-3:30pm. I forget which was class and which was clinical. This would work for my schedule but unfortunately the next class is not until January!