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Hi everyone, im considering taking the LPN program at Porter and Chester. I know its expensive, but i dont wanna wait for state to maybe have an opening and would rather get on with a carrer. Im... Read More

  1. by   CT Pixie
    Quote from blue2008
    to my understanding of other nursing programs in other schools, you take your teas then hope to get selected. once selected, the nursing program must recommend you eligible for the bridge program.

    two parts to this i need to ask:
    1) i like the idea that there may be more seats by the second year so we lpns have a better chance but aren't we selected into the nursing program for its first year....then if we are eligible for the bridge that is how we can go into the 2nd year. if this is the case, are we not trying to enter in the first year like everyone else?

    2) in 3 rivers they said if you get selected into their program, you are then recommended for the bridge, then you can sit on the second semester....which is still in the 1st year and not the second year no?

    hope i asked clearly....been studying 24 hours now lol.
    here is an overview of bpt's curriculum

    this will bring you to the website where all questions can be answered

    you have to follow a certain procedure. you have to do everything in regards to pre-reqs, teas etc that a person without their lpn would have to do (as if you are applying to start the program) then once you fulfill everything required, you start school in the second year (level ii) of the two year program not the second semester. when you are applying you are appling for the bridge program which bypasses the first year (semester 1 and 2) you are not applying for the first year like everyone else, you are applying to the bridge progam. if for whatever reason you aren't eligeble for the bridge i guess you would be entering the first year. see below:

    bridgeport hospital school of nursing
    lpns, who have graduated from a practical nurse program that has been approved by the ct league for nursing articulation committee, may be eligible to take the lpn to rn articulation bridge course. this is a three-credit course offered on-line through charter oak college distance learning courses. for more information contact the connecticut league of nursing (203 265-4248). the lpn must first be accepted by bridgeport hospital school of nursing (bhsn) before enrolling in the articulation bridge course. acceptance is dependent upon admission requirements and completion of first level non-nursing courses. applications are accepted may through september 15th each year. in addition, the lpn will be required to take nu200, transition for the lpn, a one credit course at bhsn offered in the spring semester that is specific to the objectives of our school and serves as a supplement to the on-line bridge course. successful completion of the on-line bridge course, non-nursing level i courses and nu200 allows the lpn to bypass all first year nursing courses at bhsn and enter into second level courses.

    i have no idea about 3 rivers, if thats what they are telling you then i guess thats what it is.
  2. by   blue2008
    Thank you, you have been so very helpful. I did finally get to talk BHSN and it has been very very encouraging to know what it is we are applying for. I am being told something different at 3 rivers but for all you know it was miscommunication. BHSN did say there is a slight difference between them and the community college program.

    i thank you for all your help!
  3. by   Thornbird
    The states that don't accept Excelsior for taking RN Boards do allow for Reciprocity for those who have Excelsior degrees once they have experience. Excelsior is continuously upgrading its program to satisfy the concerns of BON's that don't want to accept their grads. It changes over time to ensure Excelsior grads are eligible for licensure in as many states as possible. For example, they used to accept CNA's and Medical Assistants, but now only those with LPN or equivalent clinical experience. This change is what saved CT from being on the list of states that didn't accept Excelsior grads for initial licensure. Unless you plan on working in CA or GA, it's still a good option.
    P&C is fully accredited for all the LPN coursework and there would be no reason for a student to travel to complete anything but the clinicals.
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    Can you give an idea of the cost of Porter and Chester? Nothing is ever on the websites. Thanks.
  5. by   CTPCTstudent
    What is PN?
  6. by   iwillbanurse08
    Out the door I paid $31,000. That amount was split up three ways for me. Financial aid (which depends on the individuals need), Student loan, and Cash. It is a bit pricey, but I am fine with it. I am really eager to get on with my nursing education. The state programs are more affordable, but have waiting lists and now require pre-reqs. A PN is the same as LPN (licensed practical nurse) PN (practical nurse)
  7. by   CTPCTstudent
    Thanks for your help! Good luck!
  8. by   blue2008
    The cost for Porter Chester is starting next year is $36k, much more than that of Lincoln but i heard it is very selective and limited seats of probably 15-20 depending on which location. The rocky hill location will not start jan anymore, it will be april
  9. by   taigee
    Hi. I didn't get this message earlier. I haven't had time to check the site. They told me you can bridge. When you do you might have to do core english and algebra. I am not positive how it all works. I believe you get some credit for going through the lpn program.
  10. by   335343Nurse
    LPN jobs are scarce in CT - and i don't think it is completely related to just the economy. With so many RN's out of work right now, why would anyone hirean LPN when when they have qualified RN's applying for the same positions? The state likes companies to have a higher RN to LPN ratio too, so everyone is trying to beef up their RN population right now.

    Just Something to think about before investing any time and money in becoming an LPN.
  11. by   Laur318
    i agree, there isnt a need for LPNs like there used to be, and for that i am very much scared! i am only going to go to LPN school if all else fails after applying everywhere for the RN programs. rather than wait another year to get into the CCC's RN program, i will be halfway done with the LPN program and just bridge over. Ideally, though, I'll get in to StV's or BHSN. i don't want to be a new grad without a job!
  12. by   Sparkle90
    Does anyone knows what the admission test is about for porter and chester in stratford?