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I have a question about online courses. When you apply to a nursing school what online courses would be excepted? What are some of the good online colleges? Also, is it better to just take the... Read More

  1. by   2ndcareerchange
    Hey everyone!

    The online AP at Clovis is HARD, but doable. I suggest you take that and MAYBE an easy class in order to get an A/B grade. You think it would be easy because its online, and basically open book, but the tests are designed that its a timed exam and the questions are more on concept than just out of the book. You have to KNOW your stuff in order to get a good grade. If you are the type that needs others, I suggest get a group of dedicated people and take the class together and have your "own" class time. The courses are cheap enough that it will not be a burden. (they are cheaper than CT classes here) Also remember to apply for financial aide. YOU will get money!!! its great, and they are SOOO helpfully with that as well.

    When I have some time, I will post more details about the LPN tech school.

  2. by   CTPCTstudent
    HI REGI!!!! How are things going??? Good to see you had a moment to check in!!!
  3. by   Laur318
    thank you for your replies. i was suggesting the hybrid because someone mentioned that BHSN/HCC will not accept an online - only algebra or science classes w/ labs. so if you take a hybrid you can do the labs and probably learn a lot more than if you had to execute the labs yourself at home. but i'm looking into clovis for a couple others, thanks to you all!
  4. by   2ndcareerchange

    You should really speak to the schools yourself and get who you are talking too. All of the science class at Clovis have a lab attached to them. At San Juan they send you a lab in a box, and with Clovis its electronic. Sometimes you need to explain the whole thing to them. They are 4 credit classes which indicate a lab. And one who personally took the AP I and II they have labs. You can easily get the course outline from the college to show to the prospective schools. Whats nice about Clovis is they REALLY have tutoring. I thought it would be difficult since its telephone tutoring, but I was really impressed and I LOVED the idea of the two hour delay so tutoring for me was until 8pm.

    Sandy, how are your classes this semester going? Whats your plan for the fall?

  5. by   CTPCTstudent
    Hey Regi- I am taking 3 courses at Clovis. ALOT of work this semester already. Still moving along through prereqs. After this I will have just one more Math to do in order to have all things completed that the tech schools require. (I even took the academic classes that are required for their graduation. This way if I get in, I won't have to take them during the same time as the nursing courses.
    Still look at options though...
  6. by   krettman
    Do you know if Capital will accept AP I and II from clovis? I can't seem to get anyone to call me back on this?
  7. by   CTPCTstudent
    Hi - I have an email from Gateway saying they would accept credits from Clovis. Since Capital is also a Ct Community College I would think their policies would be the same.
  8. by   krettman

    What year did you take A&P I and II at Clovis? Do you have a copy of the syllabus for these two courses that you could email to me? I am trying to get capital to approve these courses and Clovis is on SB right now
  9. by   CTPCTstudent
    Hi- Sorry I have not taken it yet. Regi is the one who has - you can only hope that she gets your note in time...sorry!!
  10. by   krettman
    Thanks, I hope she reads this post soon too
  11. by   Laura523
    Hello, can anyone confirm whether Capital will accept Intermediate Algebra, A&P 1 and A&P 2 from Clovis? If so, can you please advise who you contacted at Capital for the approval so I can get it in writing from them as well? Thanks so much.