Help!! Which path should I take?

  1. I graduated from UCONN with a BA in psychology in 2010 but have decided to pursue nursing. I was initially planning on taking pre-reqs at a community college then applying to accelerated programs like the UCONN MEIN program and others at SCSU. Unfortunately I do not have time to take the 6 pre-reqs needed before either of these programs begin in 2013 and therefore would need to wait until 2014 to begin. Since this is quite a ways away I am considering doing an ADN program instead to save time and money but am reluctant because I heard it is harder to find a job. So my question is should I just do the slow route to get a BSN or just go forward with the ADN? I am find with going back to school for another 2-3 years but would rather not go for another 4 years since I already have some major student loans!Thank you all so much for your advice!Holly
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  3. by   knittygrittyRN
    Both the BSN and the ADN programs require prerequisites (I'm assuming you're referring to anatomy & physiology etc) and you can't do nursing courses without them. Another thing to consider you'll get limited financial aid since if you pursue an ADN you'll be 'downgrading' your degree in the eyes of the Federal government.

    ADN do make the same as an BSN but a lot of hospitals see a BSN as a plus (which in this economy is great, and as a new grad you'll have limited work experience anyway). I think your best bet is do to an accelerated program (I'm assuming it'd be less competition to get into since not many people already have a bachelors) and you can do the prereqs at a community college and transfer them in to another school.

    Check around the state for the prereqs once you've applied to a state community college your essentially automatically in at all the others. I got into Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2 both over 1 summer but most likely you will still need to wait to 2014 in order to finish everything. You need to get good grades in all those prereqs since nursing programs are highly competitive in every level and as an accelerated student you'll need to maintain a higher gpa than regular undergrads (typically that's what they do at my school).