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Wondering if anyone applied to UConn health center or hartford hospital grad nurse residency program? If so, have you heard back?... Read More

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    I think they're about the same, but SNFs have rehab/sub-acute sections. Did you try athena healthcare systems? They have a lot of different facilities that you can apply to at once on their website. Also, have you considered volunteering or something in the meantime?

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    Thanks. I'm about to check athena healthcare systems and apply. I contacted only two hospitals concerning volunteering, both told me to call back in September.
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    Quote from Alikatz
    I applied to St. Francis, UConn, and The Hospital of Central Connecticut grad nurse programs back in February. Nothing from St. Francis (in fact an HR employee who is a friend of the family told me they preferred BSN new grads and since there were many to choose from they could pass up on hiring ASN (what I have, going for BSN next year). I did call HR twice about UConn one month and then 2 months after applying to keep in touch and HR said they were in the process of setting up interviews for those students who already work there and then would go down the list, etc. They usually don't have tons of positions open, so I'm sure they filled up fast. When May hit I figured that all three hospitals probably already had their summer grad residency programs set up, but I got a call for an interview from The Hospital of Central Connecticut for a position in Labor and Delivery last week, interviewed, and was offered the position yesterday (there were 100's of applicants for it though, so they're not kidding when they say it's extremely competitive out there)!! I start with Orientation as a GN on Monday! So what I'm saying is it definitely IS possible, don't give up, keep pushing forward. You will get jobs, it may not be immediately, but you will.
    Hi @alikatz,

    First of ,congratulations! Way to go thank you for sharing. Btw, How long did it take u? like from the moment you got your license to being accepted? also, I was wondering if you don't mind sharing some more tips on how u did the whole thing? Some hospitals says they have residency programs however there's no link to apply for it... Did u just apply for any open position and then the hospital puts you in the new grad residency program according to your years of experience (or lack of)? Like how does it work because some of the hospitals don't really have a lot of information on their website. Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA

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